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Supplier Introduction
Fidelix Co,. Ltd. focuses on supplying higher performance and more cost competitive memory solutions to customers since having incorporated in year 2000.Fidelix Co,. Ltd. has highly experienced professionals working together with trust-based relationship. Fidelix Co,. Ltd. has asynchronous SRAM interface with 1 -Tr. and 1-Cap. cell and supports page read/write operation, otherwise, it adopts the Deep Power Down mode, Partial Array Self-Refresh, Reduced Memory Size mode and Temperature Controlled Self-Refresh mode internally in order to obtain the low power consumption.The goal of Fidelix is to offer low power and fast speed memory solutions which are required in the area of mobile communication and point-to-point applications. It is sure to well meet the specific requirements with better performing products, better pricing and more responsive workmanship. FIDELIX has stick policy to ensure the quality of products, for eaxample, the quality of products must satisfy requirements of ISO9001.It also targets to establish the environmental management system and buildup of training in order to protect the environment.FIDELIX established ISO14001 environmental management system on the basis of 3R spirit [ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle]. All staff members in FIDELIX, including the business partners and shareholders will keep up the good work to prove the sense of pride during the course of serving customers in the market place.It will also lead the semiconductor memory industry by seamless development of higher performance products at the right time.

FIDELIX is product portfolio consists of FLASH、LP SDR/DDR、MCP、Pseudo SRAM.

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