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Supplier Introduction

FANUC is a Japanese company specializing in CNC systems, founded in 1956. It is the world's largest professional CNC system manufacturer, accounting for 70% of the global market share. FANUC first introduced the electro-hydraulic stepper motor in 1959. In the following years, the hardware-based open-loop CNC system was gradually developed and perfected. In the 1970s, microelectronics technology, power electronics technology, and especially computing technology developed rapidly. FANUC resolutely abandoned its electro-hydraulic stepper motor numerical control products, and introduced DC servo motor manufacturing technology from GETTES. 

In 1976, FANUC developed the CNC system 5, and then jointly developed a CNC system with advanced level with SIEMENS. From then on, FANUC gradually developed into the world's largest professional CNC system manufacturer.

FANUC has consistently pursued the automation of factories since 1956, when it succeeded in the development of the SERVO mechanism for the first time in the Japanese private sector.

With its three pillars consisting of the FA business, which encompasses FANUC's basic technology of NC (numerical control) and servos, the ROBOT and ROBOMACHINE businesses which apply this basic technology, and the open platform, "FIELD system," which is a manifestation of IoT, FANUC contributes to the manufacturing industry in Japan and overseas by promoting automation and efficiency in manufacturing.

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