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Supplier Introduction

ECE is not just an electronic component manufacturer, but also a long-term strategic partner to form strategic alliances with all customers. 

Since 1981, with having more than 30 years of experience,Excel Cell Electronichave accumulated a lot of creative and innovative technologies. By using integration of internal resources and global strategy,Excel Cell Electroniccan provide products and service with competitive advantage, high quality, advanced technology, and prompt response thereby achieving customer satisfaction.
Lead Frame of Semiconductors for Discrete Devices

Its applications include signals, voltage regulation, voltage amplification, switch, and other functions. By more than 20 years of experience in this field,Excel Cell Electronichave acquired approval and procurement from international leading companies and have supplied for manufacturing of cars and all kinds of electric units.
Lead Frame of Semiconductors for Photoelectric Products

Its applications include signals, lighting products/components with either visible or invisible light, and all kinds of optical products. In this field,Excel Cell Electronichave possessed many core technologies and can provide total solutions forcustomers.
LED Products

they can provide total solutions in responding to customers’ needs to cooperate with them in the developing of LED products, withyears of experience in insert molding technology.insert molding technology includes stamping of materials in flat or in abnormal shape and second insert molding for plastic injection.
Heat Spreader for BGA

they have developed various types of heat spreaders upon various specifications required by market needs.Excel Cell Electroniccan also provide high precision heat spreaders with various plating layers to respond to different requirements of surface treatments.
High precision electronic components

High precision electronic components, with various materials and production skills, areroots since the establishment of ECE, and this is also one ofprides.  Application ofproducts has been expanded into wide industries, such as cars, consumer electronic products, medical, etc.

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