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Supplier Introduction

Everspin Technologies is the leading developer and manufacturer of magnetic RAM (MRAM), offering stand-alone and embedded MRAM products. As the world's first volume MRAM supplier, Everspin has established itself as "The MRAM Company" with an intellectual property portfolio of more than 600 active patents and applications, many of which are fundamental and essential for MRAM technologies. Today Everspin delivers MRAM products to broad applications in the data center and storage, energy and infrastructure, and automotive and transportation markets, and expects to be the industry's first volume supplier of ST-MRAM in 2012.

Serial Peripheral Interface

The Everspin Serial SPI MRAM product family is the ideal storage device for a wide range of applications, enabling fast storage with a minimum number of pins.

Quad Serial Peripheral Interface

The MR10Q010 Quad SPI MRAM is the ideal memory solution for your application. Ideal for applications that require space savings, low-power, fast-storage results with 16-pin SOIC packaging. Four I/Os in four-channel SPI mode allow fast read and write data at 52MB per second, making it faster than 8-bit MRAM. This is great for next-generation RAID controllers, server system logs, storage device buffers, and embedded system program storage.

Spin-Torque MRAM Technology -- DDR3 DRAM Compatible MRAM

Everspin's first ST-MRAM product utilizes JEDEC, such as the DDR3 and DDR4 interfaces, and performs some of the modifications required for MRAM technology. These technologies enable ST-MRAM to implement persistent DRAM features without the need for refresh. In the future, we plan to add products that use high-speed serial interfaces for a wide range of embedded applications.

NVMe Storage Accelerator Series

Everspin-nvme.png Today's key enterprise applications require nothing more than good performance and product reliability, and Everspin-based ST-MRAM technology accelerators can meet this need. These solutions provide open and standardized hardware and software interfaces that provide a plug-and-play experience for enterprises that need to build enterprise-class storage devices. Due to the high performance and data persistence of NVMe, most large enterprise operating systems have begun to support the NVMe interface, and NVMe has become the main interface of SSD devices. The driver is already available for Linux, Windows, VMWare, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OSx, Solaris, and Chrome. The diversity of device options in the form of PCIe HHHL AD, PCIe HHHL, U.2, and M.2 makes these ST-MRAM-based accelerators ideal for a variety of enterprise and storage device design applications.

everspin is product portfolio consists of Embedded magnetoresistive random access memory, integrated magnetic sensor.

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