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Founded in 2001, EUTECH Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductor company headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan, with several business and R&D offices in mainland China. For more than a decade, EUTECH Technology has been committed to developing a diverse portfolio of technologies, including audio amplification, DC/DC power conversion, lithium battery charging and DC fan motor drive. Today EUTECH technology can provide higher quality analog and mixed-signal ICs. Products, including:
1. Audio Power Amplifier: EUTECH Technology's range of 1W to 20W analog and digital signal input Class D audio amplifiers, which can be widely used in personal portable, computer and consumer electronics such as smartphones. Tablet PCs, notebook computers, All-in-One PCs, monitors, LCD TVs, and external multimedia speakers.
2. DC/DC Converter (DC/DC Converter): For special application requirements of portable devices, the company offers a range of high-performance specifications such as high operating frequency (up to 3MHz), high current output (up to 6A), I2C DC voltage converter with programmable output voltage.
3. LED Driver IC: LED backlight and camera flash for driving displays, which are widely used in various mobile devices.
4. DC Fan Motor Driver: In order to make the application of 12V fans more cost-effective, EUTECH Technology has innovatively introduced a single-phase full-wave motor driver IC with built-in Hall components, and the company also provides three Phaseless sensorless motor drive ICs for fan applications in high-end notebook computers.

Eutech Microelectronics designs and markets a broad portfolio of high-performance analog integrated circuits (ICs). By synthesizing the advantages of Silicon Valley and Great China, Eutech offers customers total solutions in system design with the best price/performance products. The current product lines include audio power amplifier, power management IC, battery management IC and Motor driver. It has received the ISO 9001 certification.

Since 2014, the company has developed two new product lines through R&D partners. First, the AC/DC charger and adapter complying with DoE6 requirements, can be applied to smartphones, tablets, and STB/OTT network equipment; second, LED lighting driver IC, the company uses innovative linear and switch drive technology for LED lights The use of tubes, downlights and bulbs provides a more cost-effective solution.

EUTECH Technology through continuous investment in R&D and continuous strengthening of relationships with its customers, foundries and packaging and testing facilities, the company will continue to focus on smartphones, tablets, 2-in-1 notebook computers, LCD TVs/displays. Markets such as STB/OTT network equipment, DC cooling fans, LED lighting and AC/DC chargers/adapters have created significant growth in EUTECH technology in the coming years.

EUTECH is product portfolio consists of Audio Power Amplifier IC, DC/DC Voltage Converter IC, LED Driver IC, DC Fan Motor Driver IC.

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