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Founded in 1890 and headquartered in St. Louis, USA, Emerson Electric Co. (NYSE: EMR) is a leading global company that combines technology and engineering through network energy, process management, industrial automation, environmental optimization technologies, and The five business of commercial and residential solutions provide innovative solutions to customers in the global industrial, commercial and consumer markets.

Emerson Network Power,one of the world's largest and most successful power supply companies in embedded power business, is a branch of the global technology company, Emerson (NYSE:EMR). Emerson has established great reputation all over the world for technology innovation and industry leadership. Meanwhile, it has employed about 27,000 people including 1,300 professional engineers. Besides,it operates strategically located design, support and sales facilities on every continent, and has five large-scale manufacturing sites - three in China, and two in the Philippines.

The product line of Emerson Network Power includes isolated dc-dc converters, covering industry-standard sixteenth- to full-brick form factors and power ratings from 3 watts to 700 watts, Intermediate Bus Converters (IBCs) with current outputs as high as 60 A, and five application-optimized families of non-isolated dc-dc converters,etc.All these world-class products are produced by leading-edge technology and can give customer the unmatched performance and long term value.Many of the products are used by OEMs and system integrators for diverse applications in the communications, computing, storage, business systems, test, instrumentation, medical and industrial equipment industries. At Emerson, all the pepole are pround of their reliable and widely-used produces and devoted themselves to developing the next generation of technologies and services in order to improve energy efficiency and lessen impact on the environment.To help customers solve their problems is always the mission of Emerson. As a technology leader, Emerson knows well that the key to success is to meet the needs of customers with good understanding, new technologies and innovative solutions.Emerson is also trying hard to set new industry plans to maintain a strong commitment to research and development.The approach it takes includes extensive research on both emerging technology trends and key global market trends.

Emerson is developing a kind of culture and infrastructure that helps the company take its innovation momentum to the next level.And Emerson invested more than $870 million in engineering, development, and customer solutions development during its fiscal in 2007. Emerson offers a broad portfolio of products and services to customers across a broad range of industries by combining industry knowledge, manufacturing expertise, and technological innovation.It uses its forward-thinking technologies to help the customer stay ahead of the curve.

Emerson is product portfolio consists of LED driver power supply, power connector, heat sink, DC/DC converter, DIN rail power supply, programmer, adapter, etc..

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