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Supplier Introduction

Electronic Concepts Manufacturer of Film Capacitors was incorporated in June of 1969 for the purpose of participating in the specialty film capacitor segment of the electronics industry. Since then, Electronic Concepts has grown to be a recognized and respected name in the field. Through engineering innovation and expertise, production flexibility, and service, Electronic Concepts has become a major supplier in such high technology areas as Avionics, Medical Electronics, General Instrumentation, Telecommunications, and others.

ECI is a vertically integrated film capacitor manufacturer leading the industry for innovative power capacitors. ECI capacitors address industry demands for state-of-the-art high-temperature and power dense products of the highest quality and reliability. ECI produces dielectrics, housings, laminates, and other materials to control quality, cost, and delivery. Contact us to discuss how we can add value and strategic advantage to your products while solving your power capacitor challenges.

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