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Supplier Introduction

ebm-papst Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of high efficiency fan and motor products. and leads the air moving industry with superior technology, as well as the highest quality products. Modern electronics operate with smaller components and tightly integrated circuits that produce heat waste. ebm-papst, the world's largest supplier of AC and DC fans for electronic cooling, has been aggressively developing powerful and efficient mini-fans to solve today's cooling problems.

They invest millions of Euros each year on developing and improving the products; and continue to set new market standards. Their GreenTech philosophy states that every new product released shall be economically and ecologically superior to its predecessor; ensuring there are continuous advancements within our products.

As a worldwide innovation leader in fans and motors with about 20,000 different products, ebm-papst has the ideal solution for virtually all air technology and drive engineering tasks. 

The new power of silence
New diagonal compact fan DV 6300, one reason might be because it is so quiet.

Connection with future
Working in perfect harmony: the ebm-papst drive solutions for SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE drive regulators from Siemens.

RadiMix up to 150 kW
Spectaculary compact, quiet, and efficient

The power to change
Quieter, more efficient and more powerful than ever: the new generation of RadiCal.

Efficiency made smarter
Smart, precise, compact: RadiCal centrifugal fan in a scroll housing.

The RV45 DC centrifugal fan is a quiet helper for medical technology and more.

ebm-papst is product portfolio consists of Photoelectric components, thermal management, motors.

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