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Supplier Introduction

Dwyer Instruments, Inc is an American instrument manufacturing company that manufactures precision instrumentation for differential pressure, temperature, pressure, level and flow measurement, transmission and control. Founded in 1931, Dwyer moved its manufacturing headquarters from Chicago, Illinois, to Michigan, Indiana, and established a new, more perfect manufacturing facility and ancillary facilities. Later, the company established four factories in Wakarisa, South Indiana, Kensbrui, and Wolken, and then in Fergus, Minnesota, in Feather, Minnesota. Kansas City, Missouri, and Nagapo, Puerto Rico, have established manufacturing facilities.

Mission Statement

  • Meet and exceed customer and market expectations
  • Sustained R&D and product development
  • Highly automated and flexible manufacturing capabilities
  • Provide high quality, reliable, and readily available products and solutions
  • Global sales and marketing presence
They work tirelessly to get it right. That's why Dwyer holds over 650 technical patents and that number grows every year. They are an enthusiastic group of people headquartered in Michigan City, Indiana with satellite locations around the globe. They take great pride in the intellect and integrity of their employees who are passionate about the work they do, the products they develop and the industries they serve.Most importantly, they value the expertise and skill of the people that use their products in the field every day. they respect that their customers have a choice and they are honored that they choose the best products, manufactured by Dwyer, as a reflection of their own high standards in delivering the highest level of quality, and reliability.


Dwyer uses advances computer modeling software to simulate real world situations, creating more accurate measurement techniques in their products
Innovative product designs have been recognized by industry experts, including ACHR Dealer Design Awards in the Testing and Monitoring category for 2014 and 2015
Dwyer has invested in state of the art research and development facilities for best in class product testing and verification.
Dwyer has a long history of innovation in designing and manufacturing their own measurement sensors that provide superior product performance

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