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Supplier Introduction

Founded in 1976 as a firm specializing in telecommunications power supply systems, DongAh Elecomm offers all types of energy product solutions, including power converters, rectifiers, board-mounted power modules and remote monitoring systems.

A leader in the telecommunications industry, they have developed and supplied all types of embedded power products for asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) switching systems, CDMA mobile communications systems (both cellular and PCS), and for IMT-2000’s global mobile telecommunications standards. One of their key achievements was the development of products to support the nationwide TDX program for a Korean electronic switching system. 

Their current research and development includes high efficiency power solutions for telecom and industrial applications, ballast water treatment systems, 4G LTE Power and EV Charging station power.

In Korea, DongAh Elecomm supplies 85% of the market demand for power supply systems for data communication services. Their power supply products bring communications to 50 million users of wireline and wireless services worldwide. They export their power supply products to 30 countries.

DongAh Elecomm developed the DC/DC converter for SP-30, the Chinese electronic switching system. Vietnam Post and Telecommunications has designated DongAh Elecomm power systems as the national standard. Their power supply systems were crucial to Australia’s CDMA mobile communications system during the XXVII Olympics, and they continue to operate smoothly.

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