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Supplier Introduction

DIONICS, Inc, incorporated on December 19, 1968, is a supplier of optoelectronic and photovoltaic components, integrated circuits, semiconductor devices, lighting devices and dual high-current photovoltaic power source. The Company offers Dielectric Isolation (DI)-based products. The Company also offers products that are not DI based. These include a range of chip-level products for the hybrid circuit industry, such as transistors, diodes, and capacitors. The Company also offers Dielectric Isolation processing for monolithic high-voltage integrated circuits (ICs) used in gas-discharge digital displays.

The Company is focused on products stemming from micro-photovoltaics. These products include Opto-isolated PV MOSFET- drivers, Opto-isolated PV IGBT- drivers, and Opto-isolated PV MOSFET-based Solid State Relays. The Company's Optoelectronic & Photovoltaic Components include Photovoltaic MOSFET-Drivers, and Photovoltaic Solid State Relays. The Integrated Circuits include High Voltage Display Drivers. The Semiconductor Devices include Capacitors, Transistors and Diodes. The Lighting Devices include Silicon Light Chip. The Dual High-Current Photovoltaic Power Source include 8A100-1 with 1.3v typ forward voltage and higher output current levels and 8A100-2 with 2.6v typ forward voltage and higher output current levels. The 8A100-1 is a dual high-current Photovoltaic Isolator (PVI) milliwatt power source.

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