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Supplier Introduction

Digital View Group is a leading supplier of advanced interface solutions for the LCD digital display market and digital media players for the POP and networked digital signage markets. Digital View's high-performance digital display solutions meet the specialist needs of specific non-consumer markets and are ideal for applications in harsh environments, commercial and private aircraft, hospitals, municipal transportation systems, broadcast studios, marine radar, and retail media.

Over the past 20+ years as the major electronics companies evolved the consumer LCD TV market, Digital View has played a key role enabling the commercial and industrial display market with its LCD controllers.

Since 1995

Digital View was founded in March 1995 in England and Hong Kong then California within a year. Over its 24 year history it has tracked the developments in LCD display technology to provide highly reliable electronics enabling LCD monitors and video displays in a very broad range of non-consumer applications. When the company was founded 1024x768 was about the highest resolution available for production LCD panels with 640x480 still being very common, the panel interface was TTL, sizes were less than 20" diagonal and the aspect ratio was 4:3. At this time the input signals were typically Composite Video (PAL, NTSC, SECAM) or ARGB normally known as VGA. For the profesional video market although a digital standard, SDI, had been around since 1990 analog Component was still widely used.

The broadcast market moved up in resolution with HD-SDI in 1998 and then the consumer market got its first digital video interface with DVI in 1999. HDMI based products started appearing in late 2003 and Displayport was first released in 2006. Digital View introduced controllers to match these standards ensuring the conmmercial market cold develop niche market displays using them.

24 years later, in 2019, LCD panel resolution for the non-consumer market extends to 3840x2160 (usually referred to as Ultra-HD or 4K) and higher with the common panel interfaces being LVDS, eDP and V-by-One. Sizes are up to 100" diagonal and the common aspect ratio is 16:9 but with 16:10 and 4:3 still being readily available as well as super wide models. An emerging trend for LCD panels is for other aspect ratios, previously created by cutting a standard panel these "banner" panels are now being made in various native resolutions and sizes. Digital View supports all these.

Digital View is product portfolio consists of LCD controller, display module, driver IC, audio IC, cable assembly, etc..

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