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Supplier Introduction

Delphi Connection Systems is a world leader in supplying vehicle electric and electronic distribution systems, with an unsurpassed reputation in the design, development, and manufacture of electrical and electronic connection systems and devices. For more than 100 years, Delphi has focused on providing greater product performance and driving tomorrow's technology.

Delphi is a global leader in the development, design, and manufacture of vehicle propulsion systems and advanced aftermarket solutions.

Delphi's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) portfolio spans the range of propulsion and vehicle types – passenger cars and commercial vehicles; gasoline, diesel, hybrids, and electrics. The assortment includes:
Electronic controls and software such as propulsion controllers and proprietary software applications.
Power electronics such as inverters, converters, and onboard chargers.
Internal combustion engine ignition, fuel, emissions, and air management products, including best-in-class ignition coils, fuel modules, and 500-plus-bar gasoline direct injection systems.
The aftermarket lineup showcases an array of replacement parts, tools, and training geared to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to servicing advancing vehicle systems. 

The solutions include:

Fuel modules, pumps, and regulators.
A/C compressors.
EGR valves, mass airflow sensors and oxygen sensors.
Ignition coils.
Ball joints, bushings, control arms and tie rods.
Vehicle electronics diagnostic software and devices.
Diesel test equipment.
Both portfolios – OEM and aftermarket – are geared to work in tandem to help power customer journeys that let them drive further, better, and cleaner.

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