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Supplier Introduction

Who They Are

DazorThe name DAZOR has been synonymous with quality task lighting and magnifiers for over 75 years. Founded in 1938, the Dazor precision-balanced "Floating-Arm" revolutionized the task lighting industry in the 1940's. Its ease of movement and durability helped establish Dazor as one of the premier lighting manufacturers in the United States and its reputation for quality is still unsurpassed.

All Dazor products use quality components and the latest lighting technology in functional, contemporary designs. Their products are designed to perform as "work" lights for the person who requires a dependable light source that can be adjusted frequently, day after day, for years. Their lighting and magnifying lamps are found today in commercial, professional, industrial, educational, medical, and residential settings throughout the world.

In recent years Dazor has continued its innovative ways with its technologically advanced speckFINDER video magnifier. This revolutionary product is helping to re-define the video microscopy industry with its ergonomic design and user friendly features.

History of Dazor

Dazor HistoryDazor's history started in 1938 when Harry Dazey teamed up with Washington University professor Albert Perbal, to create a company that would manufacture lamps. Harry Dazey began his career by producing butter churns, but when Mr. Dazey came up with the idea for the "floating arm" portable light he decided to restructure his company into a lamp manufacturer that specialized in task lights.

Initially, Dazor lights were used simply as table lamps and the company grew to employ a dozen people. It was not until the eruption of World War II that Dazor lamps became famous for their high efficiency and lower costs. The government found that Dazor's lamps helped to conserve energy and were cheaper than the traditional costly overhead lighting. They were so impressed that they replaced the overhead lighting with the more energy efficient Dazor lamps and the company grew very rapidly.

Dazor was also the first fluorescent lamp manufacturer to combine the technology of the portable task light with fluorescent light bulbs. The technology was highlighted in a display by General Electric at the 1938 World's Fair. The lamp became popular quickly, especially among draftsman and architects of the time who found that the lights offered better visibility than traditional incandescent lights.

Today, Dazor lights are used in many industries where good lighting is essential to quality performance. Jewelers, electronic manufacturers, medical and dental professionals, artists and craftsmen all use Dazor lamps. High quality components, engineered design, and a vast attention to detail keep Dazor positioned as one of the premier lamp manufacturers in the world.

Testimonials and Case Studies

"I wanted to send you a thank you from Texas on making quality products for 75 years. I recently pulled a rusted lamp out of my grandfathers old shop that he used as an engineer for Lockheed Martin. The lamp sat on his desk since the early 60's, and all the way through his career and eventual position as chief electrical engineer on the F-22 project. Unfortunately my grandfather has since passed, which was the reason for my acquisition of the lamp when packing up his things. I plugged the 50 year old lamp in, and sure enough it fired up. I've spent the last few weeks blasting and refinishing the lamp to save it, and give it a new lease on life. I just wanted to touch base and let you know that quality doesn't go unappreciated. I was quite pleased to see Dazor was still alive and well. It's nice to see a product far outlive reasonable expectations."

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