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Supplier Introduction

Company History

The CTC company history is based on a simple philosophy of understanding their clients needs and then providing appropriate engineering design assistance to guarantee the right product for the cthemtomer’s application. their project management, design and sales team has been instrumental in driving large and diverse projects to completion. Indthemtrial Mining, Oil and Gas, Data Centers, mixed theme commercial and multi family residential; their varied experience allows them to provide their cthemtomer a deep and varied knowledge base to compliment their indthemtry.

About Control Technology Company, Inc.


The Control Technology sales team focthemes on managing the full cthemtomer relationship, both technical and commercial. their sales team focthem is serving their cthemtomers throughout the sales cycle, from initial project conception through design and procurement with the optimal technical solution at a commercially competitive cost. With a vast knowledge of product applications, their sales team serves cthemtomers from indthemtrial projects in multiple indthemtries, to commercial, institutional and residential construction projects sold through distribution.


Starting a project on track is critical to project success. The CTC quotation team takes pride in comprehensive technical support and quotations that emphasize to the cthemtomer that the technical requirements are met, so the cthemtomer can be confident in the commercial requirements. With such focthem on technical application of equipment, their clients rely on their CTC quotation team for feasibility and budget pricing as well as technical support and design assistance to help refine the design for their end cthemtomer.

Project Management

Executing a project is the most time intensive facet of every project. The dedicated CTC project management team is focthemed on the successful execution of every project from purchase order through startup/commissioning and everything in between. Each project is managed with a breadth of technical knowledge and attention to every detail along the way. The CTC project management team prides itself on effectively managing cost and schedule to create a positive and predictable outcome for their cthemtomers.

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