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Founded in 1986, Chrontel, headquartered in San Jose, California, is a privately held company in the world, more than 130 employees. The company  designs,  develops and markets mixed-signal integrated circuits for PC, monitors and consumer markets, such as televisions and flat panel monitors. The company is a leading provider of display interface for IC for personal computers, portable media players and smartphones. Its products interface to different computing platforms standard TV, HDTV, LCD, and PC display. The company also develops new products for digital radio and television and high-speed data interfaces.

Chrontel is a leading provider of TV-Out integrated circuits for that connect desktop or notebook computers to standard televisions and solutions which interface computing platforms with flat panel and notebook computer displays and high definition televisions.
The types of products manufactured by Chrontel include TV Encoder ICs, DVI Transmitters, LVDS Transmitters, and DVD Encoder ICs.

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