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Supplier Introduction

Chips and Technologies (C&T) is a supplier of integrated semiconductor and soft- ware solutions to personal computer manufacturers, founded in Milpitas, California in December 1984 by Gordon A. Campbell and Dado Banatao, and was an early fabless semiconductor company. The Company's solutions provide enhanced graphics, video and other advanced display capabilities for both portable and desktop computers. The Company was acquired and integrated into Intel Corp. in 1997, primarily for its graphics chip business.

Its first product, announced September 1985, was a four chip EGA chipset that handled the functions of 19 of IBM's proprietary chips on the Enhanced Graphics Adapter. By that November's COMDEX, more than a half dozen companies had introduced EGA-compatible boards based on C&T's chipset. This was followed by chipsets for PC motherboards and other computer graphics chips.
Former members of C&T founded Asiliant Technologies in January 2000 to continue the support of the CHIPS 65545, 65550, 65555, 69000, 69030, and other notebook and LCD oriented graphics ICs. Intel licensed the rights to build, sell, and service the C&T chips to Asiliant. Asiliant manufactured and sold C&T components for the next few years until it closed.

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