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Founded in 1985, Catalyst is a semiconductor company specializing in the production of mixed-signal and non-volatile memory products. Since taking the lead in producing the industry's first CMOS EEPROM device in 1985, Catalyst has successfully developed a variety of memory products that are widely used in computer, communications and consumer electronics. In terms of process, Catalyst uses a 0.6-micron process to produce flash memory products, uses a 0.8-micron process to produce EEPROM products, and is currently developing a 0.5-micron process technology. All of its flash memory products and EEPROM products are in compliance with automotive industry standards, and Catalyst has been designated by Intel as the second supplier of flash memory products. Headquartered in California, Catalyst has long-standing relationships with some of the world's leading silicon wafer manufacturers, such as Japan's OKI Corporation and Taiwan's UMC.

The company's products mainly include: 1. Serial EEPROM: Catalyst's serial EEPROM offers a variety of capacity options and interface protocols that can accommodate the needs of most microprocessors, to accommodate cellular phones, digital satellite systems, telecommunications equipment, set-top boxes, modems, networking products, and more. High-density serial EEPROM requirements, in 1999 Catalyst developed and launched 128 and 256-kilobit I2C bus devices. In 2000, Catalyst will introduce high-density SPI bus devices that interface with industry-standard Motorola microprocessors. 2. Flash memory: including BIOS module, NVRAM, etc. Parallel EEPROM: Catalyst's existing 16, 64, 256-kilobit parallel EEPROM, released a 512-kilobit high-density product in 1999, the new product expands the use conditions of the original product, can adapt to higher temperatures and lower voltage , access time is also faster 4. Mixed signal circuit: including digital potentiometer and programmable monitoring memory.

Catalyst Semiconductor has been acquired by ON Semiconductor. ON Semiconductor is a premier supplier of high-performance, energy-efficient silicon solutions for green electronics. ON Semiconductor's broad portfolio of power and signal management, logic, discrete and custom devices helps customers efficiently solve their design challenges in automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial, LED lighting, medical, military/aerospace and power applications.

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Catalyst is product portfolio consists of Flash Memory, Parallel, and Serial EEPROMs with I2C, SPI, and Microwire interfaces, NVRAMS, Digitally Programmable Potentiometers, Microcontroller Supervisory circuits and other programmable Mixed Signal products..

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