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Supplier Introduction

Canon Precision Inc. began manufacturing camera parts as the first subsidiary of Canon Inc. Later, the company became a proud provider of motors and sensor parts, all the while playing an important role in improving the performance and quality of a wide range of products. they also supply motors and motor units to leading manufacturers across Japan and around the world, all of which are highly acclaimed.

They have also continued to grow as a principal producer of toner cartridges, a consumable item for printers and copiers, through their commitment to automation and continual quality improvements.

By constantly strengthening their proven expertise in the development of precision equipment, they continue to challenge ourselves to improve their quality and production technology. In so doing, they are developing their employees’ skills, further enhancing the appeal of their products, and establishing a solid position as a respected Tohoku company with standing in their local community.

Their compact DC motors, developed for use in Canon 8-mm movie cameras, have been further refined for use in audiovisual devices, single-lens reflex cameras, office equipment, and other applications. The scope of application for these motors has continued to expand, and they can now be found in product categories subject to high demand, including polygon mirror drives for laser printers, information peripherals, industrial machinery, appliances, cash machines and medical devices. Our product lines include iron-core, coreless and brushless motors as well as optional equipment for gears and encoders.

In addition, their simulation technologies enable us to offer actuator units and other essential parts to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

Energy-efficient small motors have the advantage of consuming little power, which makes them the popular choice of industries worldwide. By offering the unique ability to customize their products, they remain committed to meeting customer needs.

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