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Supplier Introduction

Electrocube electrical component manufacturer now builds, supplies Bishop Electronics precision film, audio capacitors in Pomona, CA as part of acquisition deal。

Electrocube acquired Bishop Electronics, a privately held manufacturer of custom and standard film capacitors previously located in Pico Rivera, CA. Today, Bishop operations are located at Electrocube’s manufacturing facilities in Pomona, CA.

Bishop Electronics was founded by William Bishop and James Bowman in 1977 -- valuable members of the capacitor industry since the early 1960's. Bishop Electronics specialized in standard and custom precision film capacitors for tolerances from 1% to 20% and high-end audio capacitors. The company positioned itself as a “capacitor problem-solver” for design engineers and a diversity of global industries.

Electrocube now manufactures the Bishop Electronics brand of wound, dielectric film, extended foil film capacitors. Construction includes metalized film, and foil and film capacitors with tin-coated or copper-clad steel leads.

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