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Supplier Introduction

Bellnix Co. Ltd. manufactures and markets power supplies. The use of MOSFETs has enabled application of a high-frequency standard of 200KHz to 1MHz and the development of special hybrid ICs for power supplies. Bellnix products fully conform to the standards of FCC/EN/VDE.

The types of products manufactured by Bellnix include DC-DC Converters, High Voltage Power Supplies, AC-DC Switching Power Supplies.

Established in 1978, their company has been designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing industrial DC power supply units applying a switching regulator at high frequency wave, high accuracy and high‐voltage DC power supply units , DC‐DC converters, analog/digital hybrid ICs, and micro computer application products.

Further, they will, in order to accommodate the needs for electronic devices which have been downsized and diversified in recent years, propose a new solution with the keywords of wireless charging system, high efficient LLC circuit, DC power supply system, remote supervision as well as semi-custom and full-digital power supply.

Regarding high-end devices including FPGA and ASSP, requirements against a power supply unit have been getting stricter associated with more detailed process rules.

In matters of the latest models in particular, as the new requirements not ever imposed before have been added such as the change of output voltage according to a power supply sequence setting and a load as well as the correspondence to high current output, some of such requirements cannot be satisfied with conventional POL converters.

Bellnix, as a pioneer in the industry, has been working on the improvement of product specifications, technical capabilities and product qualities.

Our brand new lineup of digital POL, the BDP series and the BDX series, offer the most suitable solution to high‐end devices with adopting the functions of the various setting changes during operation via serial communications (PMBus), the correspondence to high current output, and the parallel operation and the feature of high current output.

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