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Sustainability is increasingly being incorporated in Barco’s strategic thinking. Year after year, they are stepping up their game and strengthening their efforts in the field of corporate sustainability. Under the label “Barco 2020” they are currently developing a sustainability plan encompassing three pillars: their people, their community and their planet. 
Barco’s Corporate Sustainability Committee plays a key role in their sustainability efforts. Consisting of 13 members, under the leadership of Filip Pintelon, the committee devises an overall sustainability strategy and frames the initiatives across Barco’s worldwide organization
Barco's sound strategy, strong business model and solid financials have been inspiring trust in its shareholders for many years. Just like in 2014 and 2015, the company achieved good sales growth in 2016. In addition, they significantly enhanced their gross margins and their cash flow recovered nicely. Confident that Barco has all the required assets to further drive growth, we will be sharpening their focus on performance in 2017 and beyond – in order to create even more value, for customers and shareholders alike。
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