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Supplier Introduction

Antenna Factor is a leading developer of high-quality, cost-effective antennas. Antenna Factor specializes in RF product solutions. The company's antennas are used in a wide range of consumer and industrial wireless products.

The Antenna Factor is used by RF or EMC antenna engineers to describe the required electric field strength that produces 1 Volt at the terminals of an antenna. Alternatively, the Antenna Factor concept specifies what the received voltage is in the presence of an electric field.

Technically, the above definition is a little ambiguous. For instance, if the terminals of the antenna are short circuited, the received voltage is always zero, so the Antenna Factor is not defined. Hence, the Antenna Factor has an implied impedance associated with the antenna terminals, most commonly 50 Ohms. However, sometimes an "open circuit" antenna factor is discussed, which is the available voltage for an antenna with an open circuit (no receiver or load attached).

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