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Supplier Introduction

Amlogic Semiconductor is headquartered in Shanghai, is an industry-leading semiconductor company that provides advanced product solutions in the fields of video, audio and image processing, which are widely used in digital TV, digital photo frames, home media centers and set-top boxes And other consumer electronics. Amlogic Semiconductor provides customers with a comprehensive set of solutions to help them advance the times to launch high-quality electronic products for consumers. Under such a good cooperative relationship, Amlogic Semiconductor's customers have the confidence and ability to focus on their core business. Amlogic Semiconductor's advanced network technology further expands the user's experience of using electronic products to access the Internet, and creates a new era in which consumer electronics are connected to every home and every person.

Video processing

Amlogic Semiconductor has established high-level hardware video processing technology to decode MPEG1 / 2/4, DivX, Xvid, RM and RMVB video formats.
This video output can achieve high-definition effects and bring an excellent visual experience. Compared to ordinary video processing solutions, Crystal Chen's video processing technology can bring high-definition experience to video. No matter where the consumer is, Amlogic's customers can provide consumers with pleasing visual enjoyment quickly and conveniently.

Image Processing

The super-fast JPEG image decoding technology developed by Amlogic Semiconductor can quickly process and display stunning colorful pictures. Not only that, Amlogic also has automatic image correction technology to improve the image quality, so that the picture has more vivid contrast and more brilliant colors. This JPEG technology also allows users to easily rotate, scale, and crop images, and has the power of magic to make each image a beautiful picture.


Amlogic Semiconductor firmly believes that communication technology is the core of consumer electronics today and in the future. From WiFi wireless network to wired network, from USB to flash memory, Amlogic provides consumers with the widest range of options, so that consumers can experience it at any time and anywhere.

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