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Agere is a leader in integrated circuits and optical communication components. In the development of optoelectronics and integrated circuits, Agere has unique technology and experience, also has strong strength in system integration, and can provide perfect solutions in communication systems. Its products cover the entire communications industry, including wired, wireless access, broadband, pipe belt, and optical communications. Since 2004, Agere's focus on mobile design platform resources has gradually shifted to its latest Vision architecture.

As a leading provider of innovative silicon, systems and software technologies, LSI Corporation offers a wide range of capabilities and services including custom and standard product ICs, adapters, systems and software and all the products of it are trusted by the world's best known brands to power leading solutions in the storage and networking markets. LSI has developed a deep understanding of the storage, networking, and consumer electronics markets and the opportunities they present and it also believes in the principle of customer first. LSI is capable of collaborating with customers to develop solutions that meet their needs and the needs of their customers in order to help advance the industry.LSI focuses on helping customers succeed through developling a range of great products inlucding RAID-enabled SAS adapters powering faster, more reliable enterprise storage solutions, wireless technologies serving over 75% of the world’s mobile phone subscribers,optimized media processing solutions that power some of the most innovative products around the digital home.

Throughout its heritage, LSI, as the global leader in storage technology, networking, and consumer electronics,continue to push the limits of what is possible to help customers get ahead and stay ahead of their competition.As a leading provider of silicon-tosystems to integrated software services, it is enabling new levels of performance and capabilities while helping bring the next generation of products and services to market with unmatched depth of knowledge and insight into customers' businesses.

At LSI, the core of its brand is innovation{Innovation to spark new ideas and technologies. Innovation to improve business processes)that enable products which seamlessly bring people, information and digital content together.Meanwhile,LSI is committed to delivering more than technology with the goal of helping customers deliver a new generation of products that will set the next wave of innovation in motion.
LSI Corporation (NASDAQ: LSI) is a leading semiconductor and software supplier based in Milpitas, Calif., with major products including: RAID controllers, SSD control Devices, ReadChannel, Preamp, Axxia network processors and custom ASICs provide many leading solutions for accelerating data storage center and mobile network performance.

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