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Supplier Introduction

AXElite Technology Co, Ltd is composed of a group of R & D teams with entrepreneurial ideals and specialization in analog IC design technology. The company is mainly engaged in the design and testing of analog circuits, production, and marketing, and provides customers with high-performance solutions on the system interface. The mission is to improve the domestic power analog design environment and strengthen the establishment of independent analog and power related industries.

The professional competence of its designs innovative products through the integration at all levels on CMOS & Bi-polar. which enables the company to offer its customers not only the component but also the complete system. The experience matured in the design of devices for DC/DC power applications.

AXElite Technology Co, Ltd had stronger product offering also to be satisfied in the field of PC, Data-Communication, Flat Panel Display, LEDs Lighting..… etc.

The product line mainly includes:
DC-DC Power Converter IC;
DC-DC Power Control IC;
LED Power Devices IC;
LDO and other power ICs (LD Power Devices & MOSFET).

AXELITE is product portfolio consists of CMOS & Bi-polar.

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