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AMIC Technology Established in 1985, AMIC is developed as as a new memory product division within United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC). 

The company is headquartered in Taiwan with sales offices in Netherlands,USA and China.Besides,AMIC has distributors in more than 25 countries such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, France, Austria, Canada, USA, Russia, Germany, Italy, etc. 

AMIC is engaging in memory ICs and RF ICs.The Memory ICs cover FIFO (asynchronous, synchronous),FLASH (industry standard NOR based),SDRAM (standard and low voltage, low power), DRAM (asynchronous, low voltage pseudo static RAM),SRAM (Asynchronous,low voltage, low power),H.S. RAM (Synchronous burst, zero bus latency, lower power),Dual Port RAM (asynchronous industry standard type) and ROM (Mask-ROM and OTP products, Flash pin-out compatible).The RF ICs include data communication ICs,satellite communication ICs and mobile communication ICs.The AMIC memory is constantly growing and has developed some cross reference which includes NOR Flash,Serial Flash,Low Power SRAM,High Speed SRAM,FIFO synchronous and asynchrnous,DRAM, Fast page and EDO and Mask ROM.

The AMIC's manufacturing concept is built on an integrated Foundry Manufacturing (IFM) model which allows AMIC to offer a wide spectrum of processing technologies mandatory for the memory IC portfolio.Besides,AMIC's Product Resource Management (PRM) program dictates multiple production sourcing.The company has more than six wafer manufacturing sites in five countries with back-end facilities in three countries.AIM has been ISO/TS certified specialist in assembly, testing, burn-in, and know-how to deal with special requests.AMIC is always applying the latest nanometer technology into the new proprietary products and the more conventional micron-technology into the legacy products.In addition, AMIC develops a wide range of memory key components and application specific embedded memory design solutions.

The mission of AMIC is "Uncompromising Quality and Customer Satisfaction".The goal is to become an internationally recognized and respected world-class semiconductor operating company.AMIC is providing industry-first memory IC products to support the computer-peripheral and consumer electronic industries mainly.Through years of development,AMIC has won worldwide recognition and acceptance within the Tier-1 industry.

AMIC is product portfolio consists of Memory chips (SRAM,FLASH).

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