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TPSM82816 DC DC Power Modules Power Solutions

Published Time: 2024-04-18 15:50:45
We'll explore how the new DC/DC power modules in the Texas Instruments (TI) TPSM8281x family of power modules help simplify power solutions by minimizing design complexity and extending battery life in industrial applications.

DC/DC power modules are compact, integrated devices that convert an input DC voltage level to another voltage level. In addition to efficient power conversion, these small power solutions offer a variety of advantages, including a stable, regulated output voltage for sensitive electronics, a compact size for space-constrained or printed circuit board (PCB) space-constrained applications, and design versatility that enables them to handle a variety of input voltages and convert them to the desired output level. Together, these advantages make DC/DC power modules suitable for a wide range of applications.


Different types of power supplies and connectors mean different types of DC/DC power modules. The most common of these include:

-Buck Converter Modules: Also known as buck converters, these modules reduce the input voltage to a lower, stabilized output voltage.

-Boost Converter Modules: Also known as boost converters, these raise the input voltage to a higher, stabilized output voltage.

-Buck-Boost Converter Modules: These modules boost or buck the input voltage to maintain a constant output voltage independent of input fluctuations.

We look at how the new DC/DC power modules in the Texas Instruments (TI) TPSM8281x family of power modules help simplify power solutions by minimizing design complexity and extending battery life in industrial applications.


The Newest Products for Your Latest Designs

Accuracy and efficiency are critical in ultra-low-power industrial applications. the Texas Instruments TPSM82816 is part of a family of pin-to-pin 3A, 4A, and 6A-compatible synchronous step-down DC/DC power supply modules featuring an integrated inductor (Figure 1). This solution is an attractive option for power supply designers looking to optimize power consumption while maintaining reliability.



Figure 1: Functional block diagram of the TI TPSM82816 step-down MicroSiP™ power module with integrated inductor and frequency synchronization.

Design Flexibility for Ultra-Low-Power Industrial Applications

This TPSM82816 utilizes a fixed frequency peak current mode control scheme. The device provides an optimized power solution for industrial as well as telecom, test and measurement, and medical applications that require high power density and ease of operation. The module's low-resistance switch provides up to 6A of continuous output current at high ambient temperatures. The switching frequency is externally programmable from 1.8MHz to 4MHz and can also be synchronized with an external clock in the same frequency band. In power-save mode, the TPSM82816 automatically enters PFM at low loads to maintain high efficiency over the entire load range.    


With advanced features and a small footprint, TI's TPSM82816 step-down power modules are ideally suited for applications requiring high efficiency and long battery life.

In addition, the TPSM82816 module has a wide input voltage range of 2.7V to 6V and an output range of 0.6V to 5.0V, making it ideal for a variety of battery-powered industrial applications. The high output current capability provides enough power for sensors, microcontrollers and communication modules in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) automation. Their customizable switching frequency and tracking capabilities also provide system design flexibility for efficiency and performance optimization.


Improved Efficiency and Elimination of Leakage Current

One of the key benefits of the TPSM82816 module is its ability to reduce leakage current, which is critical for extending battery life in industrial applications. The module helps extend the life of battery-powered devices by reducing current demand when the system is in standby or low-power mode, ensuring long and reliable operation. In addition, its synchronous buck architecture and low-resistance switching help achieve excellent efficiency, resulting in lower power consumption and heat dissipation. When it comes to DC/DC power modules, the TPSM82816 is a comprehensive solution that offers designers many benefits.


Key Benefits of the TI TPSM82816 Power Module

  • High output current capacity up to 6A

  • Wide input voltage range of 2.75V to 6V

  • Available in MicroSiPpackage [3mm, x 4mm x 1.6mm]

  • Adjustable and synchronizable switching frequency from 1.8MHz to 4MHz for greater system design flexibility

  • Excellent EMI performance and low parasitic effect components due to integrated inductors

  • 26µA low quiescent current

  • Selectable forced PWM or PFM/PWM operation

  • Output voltage accuracy ±1% (PWM operation)

  • 100% duty cycle over -40°C to 125°C operating temperature range with high output current handling and excellent thermal performance

The Texas Instruments (TI) TPSM82816 power module provides a simplified power solution that reduces design complexity and component selection time. It simplifies passive component qualification and procurement and minimizes component count compared to discrete solutions. Texas Instruments (TI) provides characterization data and simulation for easy module selection. Highly integrated and fully characterized without the drawbacks of discrete solutions, the TPSM82816 is ideally suited for industrial applications requiring ultra-low power consumption, accuracy, efficiency and reliability. Its compact design makes it suitable for battery-powered devices, voltage regulation circuits and IIoT automation, ensuring optimal power consumption and long battery life.

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