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LMG3410R050 Power Amplifier Solution

Published Time: 2023-11-09 14:56:56
This article describes the main features, functional block diagrams and application circuits of the LMG3410R050.

TI's LMG3410R050 is a 600-V 50-mΩ GaN power amplifier stage with overcurrent protection. Inherent advantages over silicon MOSFETs include ultra-low input and output capacitance, zero reverse-recovery to reduce switching losses by up to 80%, and low switching node ringing to reduce EMI. 20ns transfer delay for MHz operation, 25-100V/ns for adjustable conversion rates, robust protection, no external protection components, mainly used in high-density industrial and consumer power supplies, multi-stage converters, solar inverters, industrial motor drives, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and high-voltage battery chargers. 

The LMG3410R050 GaN power stage with integrated driver and protection enables designers to achieve new levels of power density and efficiency in power electronics systems. The inherent advantages of the LMG3410 over silicon MOSFETs include ultra-low power consumption, zero reverse power consumption, input and output capacitance, and zero inverse power dissipation. The inherent advantages of the LMG3410 over silicon MOSFETs include ultra-low power consumption for both input and output capacitance, zero reverse recovery to reduce switching losses by up to 80%, and low switching node ringing to reduce EMI, which allows for dense and efficient topologies such as totem pole PFCs.

The LMG3410R050 provides a smart alternative to traditional common-source, common-gate GaN and standalone GaN FETs by integrating a unique set of features to simplify design, maximise reliability, and optimise the performance of any power supply. The integrated gate driver enables 100V/ns switching with near-zero Vds ringing, <100 ns current limit for self-protection against accidental breakdown events, over-temperature shutdown for protection against thermal runaway, and system interface signals for self-monitoring.

The LMG3410R050 is a high performance 600V GaN transistor with an integrated gate driver. The GaN transistor provides ultra-low input and output capacitance and zero reverse recovery. The lack of reverse recovery enables efficient operation of half-bridge and bridge-based topologies.

TI utilises a direct drive architecture to control the GaN FETs within the LMG3410R050. when the driver is powered on, the GaN FETs are directly controlled by the integrated gate driver. This architecture provides superior switching performance compared to traditional common-source, common-gate approaches.

The integrated driver addresses many of the challenges of working with GaN devices, and the LMG3410R050 includes a driver specifically tuned for GaN devices, enabling fast drive without gate ringing. The driver ensures that the device remains off at high drain swing rates up to 150 V/ns. In addition, the integrated driver prevents failures by providing overcurrent and overheat protection. This feature protects the system in the event of a device failure or prevents device failure in the event of a controller error or malfunction.

Unlike silicon MOSFETs, GaN devices do not have a pn junction from source to drain. This is why GaN devices have no reverse recovery loss. However, GaN devices can still conduct from source to drain in third-quadrant operation, similar to a body diode, but with a higher voltage drop and higher conduction losses. Third quadrant operation can be defined as follows; when the GaN device is turned off, negative currents pull the drain node voltage below the source voltage. The voltage drop across the GaN device during third-quadrant operation is high; therefore, it is recommended to use synchronous switching operation and keep the duration of third-quadrant operation to a minimum level.

LMG3410R050 Key Features:

-  TI GaN process certified for hard-switching mission profiles in accelerated reliability applications

-  Supports high-density power conversion designs

 *  Superior system performance over common-source, common-gate or stand-alone GaN FETs

 * Low inductance 8mm x 8mm QFN package for easy design and layout

    Adjustable switch drive strength

   *  Performance and EMI control

 * Digital fault status output signal

 * Requires only +12 V unregulated supply

 Integrated gate driver

 Zero common-source inductance

 * 20 ns propagation delay for MHz operation

  Process-adjusted gate bias voltage for reliability

  25 to 100 V/ns user adjustable slew rate

-  No external protection components required

-  Overcurrent protection with <100ns response

-  >150V/ns conversion rate immunity

-  Transient overvoltage immunity

-  Over-temperature protection

-  UVLO protection on all supply rails

LMG3410R050 Applications:

 - High density industrial and consumer power supplies

 - Multi-level converters

 - Solar inverters

 - Industrial motor drivers

 - Uninterruptible power supplies

 - High voltage battery chargers


Figure 1 Simplified Block Diagram of LMG3410R050


Figure 2  LMG3410R050 Functional Block Diagram


Figure 3.  Circuit Diagram of LMG3410R050 Used to Determine Switching Parameters


Figure 4. Circuit Diagram of the LMG3410R050 Application

Evaluation Board LMG3410EVM-018

The LMG3410EVM-018 features two LMG3410R050 600V GaN power transistors with integrated drivers configured in a half-bridge with all the required bias circuits and logic/power level transitions. The base power stage and gate drive high frequency current loop are completely enclosed on the board to minimise parasitic inductance, reduce voltage overshoot and improve performance. The LMG3410EVM-018 is configured with a socketed external connection that allows easy connection to an external power stage to run the LMG3410R050 in a variety of applications.


Figure 5. Evaluation Board LMG3410EVM-018 Simplified Circuitry

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