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Automotive Grade Chip Resistors for Automotive and Industrial Applications

Published Time: 2023-03-17 10:15:06
Automotive grade chip resistors are electronic components commonly used in automotive and industrial applications for stabilization and regulation of circuits.

Here are some common automotive grade chip resistors:

Carbon film resistors: Carbon film resistors are the most common type of resistor. They are commonly used in industrial applications such as motor control and sensor applications. This resistor is very cheap and can withstand high voltage and high temperature.

Metal Film Resistors: Metal film resistors are manufactured using a metal film that can withstand high temperatures and high voltages. These resistors offer higher accuracy and smaller size and are used in precision measurement and control circuits in automobiles.


Thermistor: A thermistor can change its resistance value in response to changes in temperature. They are often used in a car's cooling system to monitor engine temperature.

Metal Foil Resistors: Metal foil resistors are manufactured using foil-like metal for high precision and stability. They are commonly used in dashboards and control panels in cars.

Organometallic resistors: Organometallic resistors are a new type of resistors manufactured using organic materials and metal particles. They can withstand high temperatures and humidity, and are suitable for environmental monitoring and safety systems in cars.

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