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About Perceptive Components Limited

Published Time: 2022-09-09 20:04:47
Perceptive Components Limited is a distributor of semiconductor and electronic components.

Perceptive Components Limited is one of the world's leading distributors of semiconductor and electronic components. With many years of business experience in the electronic components industry, we have in-depth cooperative relations with thousands of brand manufacturers and agents.

Perceptive not only provides high-quality Spot parts and new products for design engineers and purchasers, but also provides professional quality control protocols and processes, and is the most professional company in the stock supply of discontinued and scarce materials.

Our customers include security, LED lighting, medical equipment, automotive electronics, Aerospace applications, instrumentation, consumer electronics, optoelectronic coupling, power management, communications, network and computer circuit components, smart homes, sensing instruments, subway high-speed rail, automation, etc.

We can provide customers in various fields including: spot procurement, bill of materials matching, small batch procurement.

We can also provide from off-the-shelf standard electronic products to complete custom solutions for the following industries: Consumer electronics, Automotive electronics, Industrial, Enterprise systems, welcome to inquire.

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In addition, we can provide QC inspection for your electronic components. The following are the inspection items we can provide, if necessary, please contact us at

External Visual Inspection: Condition Observed checking Remarking and Re-surfacing

Solvent Test for Re-Surfacing - Dynasolve

X-Ray Inspection

Internal Construction / Lead Frame / Wire Bond / Die layout

RoHS Compliant

Electrical Test (MIL-STD-883 or Manufacturer Specifications)

Solderability Test  

Solderability Verification

Decapsulation Internal Analysis

Die Verification